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Niedziela, 20 września 2020
11:35 Russia 'Forced' To Create Hypersonic Missiles After US Exited Landmark Treaty: Putin
11:00 Brexit: Why Does Europe Continue To Speak English?
03:30 The Possible Limits Of China-Russia Cooperation
03:00 Popular Children's App Allegedly Requests Minor To Take Naked Pictures
02:30 Taibbi: The Post-Objectivity Era
02:19 ByteDance Shocked By Trump Claims TikTok Deal Partners Will Seed $5BN Federal Education Fund
02:00 "Nobody Is Here!" - Movie Theaters Reopen, Audiences Stay Away
01:30 Too Much Centralization Is Turning Everything Into A Political Crisis
01:00 "Peak" SPAC: Playboy Enterprises Considering Going Public Through Blank Check Company
00:30 Newton, Physics, & The Market Bubble
00:00 US Sends More Armored Infantry Units Into Syria Amid Increased Russian Presence
Sobota, 19 września 2020
23:30 David Stockman: How The Stock Market Got To Be So Out Of Touch With Reality
23:00 Glenn Greenwald Shocks With Explanation On Why Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Assange Trial
22:00 Nuclear Scenario For Markets Emerges In 'Jaw-Dropping' SCOTUS/Election Plot-Twist
21:30 ActBlue Raises Record $50 Million Following Ginsburg Death
21:14 France Suffers Another Daily COVID-19 Record As New York Reports Most Cases Since Early June: Live Updates
21:00 Amazon Keeps Spreading Across America, Plans 1000 Warehouses In Suburban Neighborhoods
20:30 'Bias Virus'? Legal Org Warns Universities Against "Unconstitutional" COVID Policies
20:00 Tug Of War Across Markets Hides "Trade Of A Lifetime"
19:45 Secret Service Intercepts 'Highly Toxic' Poison Ricin Mailed To White House
19:30 Mostly Non-Peaceful? Princeton Study Finds BLM Responsible For 91% Of Riots Over Last 3 Months
19:00 "I'm Speechless": Police Chase Down Tesla On Autopilot Doing 90 MPH With Driver And Passenger Asleep
18:30 Turbulence Ahead...
18:05 AOC: Democrats Should 'Radicalize And Fight' Following Ginsburg's Death
17:40 Deutsche Bank Trader Prosecuted By DoJ Was A London Gold And Silver Fixer